Our Namibian firewood is top of the range and ensures a quality, long-lasting braai. We also provide the service of packaging your own brand.

We have got various Namibian charcoal weights available – Namely 3kg, 5kg, 10kg. We also provide the service of packaging your own brand. 

Our Namibian briquettes range consists of 4kg bags and have a long-lasting burn quality. We also provide the service of packaging your own brand.

Our Firelighters ensure that you start your braai off on the right note! We also provide the service of packaging your own brand. 


NAMCHAR is a company focussing on the manufacturing and packaging of Namibian Charcoal and Briquettes,  but we also have a range of other products such as fire lighters, firewood, disposable BBQ’s and other consumables. The Brand NAMCHAR was started in 1996. Since it was bought over by our company in 2003 it has been growing exponentially and currently has a market share of almost 65% in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Excellent quality and ease of doing business are the cornerstones our company has been built on.


With current annual sales of 15 000 metric tons, and the capability to increase that in the next year, NAMCHAR is probably one of the largest suppliers in Southern Africa. Situated in Cape Town, the most cost effective port to ship Namibian charcoal from to International markets, and being in control of all quality aspects at the point of packing and stacking, makes NAMCHAR one of the best geographically positioned suppliers in Southern Africa.

All our lump wood charcoal is made from invader bush and from the highest quality in the world with a fixed carbon content of +/- 76%. Our products are well known for their long lasting and intense heat that outperforms almost all other kinds of charcoal. Our own brand of charcoal comes in a 5kg and 3kg packing and our briquettes in a standard 4kg packing. Over the years NAMCHAR has built a reputation for our quality and also specialises in packing for several clients from all over the world in their own branded packing.

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Namchar (Pty) Ltd subscribe to the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct which we support the values, implementation & principles of, in order to enhance human prosperity & social economic growth

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